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Wonderworld Variety

So, I have found another reliable link for writers and authors.  This is a lovely place to submit your ebook publication for exposure!  It’s also a good place to find interesting new books that just might not be on the NY best sellers list, but might become one of your personal favorites!



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WANA Commons–Beautiful Blog Images without the Worry


Photo by Lisa Wiedmeier, WANA Commons

WANA Commons–Beautiful Blog Images without the Worry.

One of the things I have noticed as I browsed through author groups on Facebook and on blogs, is a concern for using the right things on our blogs without getting into copyright issues.  As authors we understand why people what to get paid for their efforts, but there is also a great, big world of the SHARE button out there.  Here is a place recommended by Kristen Lamb on her site, WANA (We Are Not Alone).

I intend to be a contributor!

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