My Bookshelf

As this blog grows I will add notes and comments from my bookshelf.  Considering that between my husband and myself we own over 2,000 volumes, they probably won’t all end up briefed on this site.  I will, however, mention a number of titles that I found interesting or that led me on paths to other interesting things.

I do not restrict my reading to authors that I agree with.  Some of the authors I have read give me the firm impression that they suffered some trauma in their childhood or, perhaps, a rather severe bump on the head.  That said, I learn from them.  I learn because if I am so certain they are “wrong,” then, for the sake of intellectual integrity, I must be able to say why.  Even if my reasons are unconvincing to others, it is important to me that I understand why it is I feel a particular piece of work is “off the reservation.”

I also have read many, many books that I found enlightening, educational or just plain fun to read.  There are authors that I am loyal to, catching everything I can that they produce.  My purpose here is not, necessarily, a mission to advertise those I like and those I don’t.  Having recently learned that reviewing new and up-coming authors can be considered a way of “working” on one’s writing career, I am willing to look at new things and provide input or space on my blog if the subject matter falls within my my interests.  Those who are avid readers of the history and thoughts of the human race, or who just enjoy a good read, may find some gems of interest here.  Things that maybe didn’t make the best seller list, but that contribute a great deal to our collective knowledge of ourselves.

In order to keep within these goals I probably will not discuss a great deal of fiction.  There are some authors that I find extremely intriguing when it comes to historical fiction or action stories written around little-known esoteric events, legends or works.  These I will mention because I feel they are a window or a doorway that introduces us to the excitement that our past can generate.  Those pieces of “what we left behind”…

Sometimes a book is also important to me more for its bibliography than its content. Even if you disagree strongly with the agenda of a particular author, many, many interesting bits of information can be gleaned just by exploring the source material.  In my own writing I always do whatever I can to locate the source and avoid quoting someone who quotes it.  My interpretation of the original context maybe completely different from that of my guide.

So, with this introduction, I will attempt to add a bit each week of my old and new favorites.  For purposes of finding things with relevant ease, I have decided to divide these interests into the following:

Information pertaining to events BCE (Before the Current Era)

Information pertaining to events CE (Current Era)

Information pertaining to events in more modern times or current events


Please note that the notations BCE and CE are common usage for works in the humanities.  The use of these terms is not meant as a statement of belief or lack of it.

2 responses to “My Bookshelf

  1. Victoria, I would be pleased if you would read and critique my short story in “Fear Itself,” published by Time Warner Books, an anthology edited by Jeff Gelb. The story is called “Home for the Holidays,” and is the story I told you about that was considered for a ShowTime movie. Thanks, Elsa

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