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Afternoons playing with numbers. Well, it is what I do.


Hello again.

I’ve seen a great deal of huffing and puffing of late over which state is richer and whether that state has a lot of immigrants, or voted for which party. Statistics are wonderful tools, but they are easily manipulated by those with a specific mind set, or agenda. Consequently, I thought I would spend a bit of time poking around for source numbers. These are just a few of the things I found, the chart I developed to pull these numbers is included, along with links to my sources.

I chose some very simple comparison points. GDP per state as compared to the GDP of foreign countries. Given that production, what do the polls show about party make up of the state. Interesting enough, the average difference between those claiming affiliation with one party or the other is 12.5%. Only nine states can claim that either party is declared more than 50% of the time. Perhaps now you understand a bit of how hard it is for a campaign to keep the pulse of the country during large elections. One of the serious impacts on this rather balanced political landscape is the practice of gerrymandering. It’s a bit like playing with weighted dice. So, on to some more comparisons.

The 25 states that produce the most GDP kick out 85% of the total US GDP. That total is $15 trillion (with a T) in US dollars. Actual number is $15,150,520 million.  The 25 states that produce the least economic output kick out a total GDP of $2 trillion, or $2,678,647 million. If California (the top producer at $2.44 trillion) was a separate country, it would have the 6th largest economy in the world. Texas is second at $1.64 trillion, New York is third at $1.45. Now, how does that play out in the political arena?

Watch carefully, I’d offer to let you hold my beer but I drink wine.

For those states that are the top 25 producers of GDP:

Party winning vote for: Republican Democrat Variance
Presidential Election 13 12 4%
Both Presidential & Governor 10 9 4%

For those states that are the least 25 producers of GDP:

  Republican Democrat Variance
Presidential Election 17 9 30.76%
Both Presidential & Governor 15 3 46.15%

Now, look carefully, please. Those states that produce the greatest amount of economic output in our country are actually pretty evenly divided. I chose 25 as an arbitrary dividing mark. If I chose, say, the top three, California and New York were both Democratic all the way, while Texas was Republican. But that’s the point. How the numbers are parsed, what they are compared to, what the time period of collection on each data point might be, all contribute to the outcome.

The moral of this story is that statistics presented in meme-form rarely convey information that is valuable in making decisions. They are, however, great for arousing emotions and starting arguments. A single data point taken out of context and used to “prove” a selected agenda or position cannot be trusted. Dig, do the research, or stay out of the debate.

As promised, table I used to formulate the above conclusions is here..

These are the links I used for gathering that information.

This site included information that I found fascinating about immigration and economic impact throughout the US. Many folks seem to forget that even if an immigrant is undocumented, as a whole they contribute $11.74 billion to state and local treasuries in sales and excise, personal income, and property taxes.



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People Finding People – Nominated for Blog Awards!

Celebrating being found AND liked!

I have just been nominated for the “Inspiring Blog Award” and the “One Lovely Blog Award!”  The fascinating thing about this nomination is that is comes from Jane, the author of In My Mother’s Room.  Jane found my blog most likely due to the recent publication of my own care giving experience, “Who I Am Yesterday.”  I am honored.  Jane is a graduate from Ohio State University with a degree in journalism.  She is among those new friends that I have found since hanging my “author” shingle out in cyberspace.   I encourage you to visit her blog where she has written about her experience with her mother, as well as her blog describing the adventures of an empty nester.  Both are hyper-linked above. So, according to those who pass the torch, there is a protocol that must be followed by each nominee.

  1. Link back to the person who nominated you (check)
  2. Post the award image to your page (working on it)
  3. Tell seven facts about yourself (check)
  4. Nominate 15 other blogs (check)
  5. Let them know they are nominated (next task)

So, Jane, here I go:

Seven things about myself.

  1. I am older than Jane but younger than the Queen of England.
  2. Beer is okay, but I prefer wine (see Jane’s page for more detail)!
  3. I am married to the love of my life and my soul mate.  Although his current mental state has driven the man I met far away from me, I still cherish every moment I can share.  We still find humor in life and we still find joy.
  4. I love music of all shapes and sizes, as long as I can understand the words and if the words have some vague meaning (if there are any).  I also don’t care to walk away with ringing in my ears or have my heart pounding at escape velocity.  I do like form so, well, heavy metal is off the plate.  I have, however, heard some rap that impressed me.
  5. I am a stepmother and step-grandmother.  My husband’s offspring are very bright and a joy to know.  I myself have never had children.
  6. I graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a BA in Business Administration and have never stopped “going to school.”  This means I have accumulated a number of miscellaneous licenses, professional certifications and courses relevant to real estate and accounting careers.
  7. I love writing.  I was hooked the moment I held that first published copy of a book I had written in my hands.  I love the community of artists and creative people I have found in the process of growing into my new career.  This nomination makes me feel as though I have found a home.


Now I get to nominate 15 blogs that I enjoy or that inspire me.  Some of these people have been unknowing mentors; some are relevant to my diverse interests and searching mouse.  THIS is going to be fun! (Even if it did take me forever).

Notifications to will be delivered this evening.

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Welcome to the Reading Alcove ~ A Place on the Window Seat

This is the official blog of Victoria Adams, a published author.  It has been established as the contact point between the readers and the author and as a “window seat” where we can talk about the books and subjects that we find of interest.  The primary interests here are Caregiving Backstage (because I am one), Humanities for the Unbound Mind (because I love all related subjects), and Natural Science from the Observation Deck (because I am an amateur Natural Scientist whose heroes spend a lot of time thinking). It is the type of place where you can imagine grabbing a cup of tea, a comfy thing to sit or sprawl on and a warm place in the sun (or a quiet place to listen to the rain).  It is a place where we will explore the world of the word together.

Courtesy WANA Commons, Rebecca Burray

Courtesy WANA Commons, Rebecca Burray


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