VICTORIA ADAMS is an accountant and financial analyst by profession, but numbers can get numbing. Not in a mood to allow her mind to glaze over, she has always found ways to be creative in her business career by helping in the growth, development or startup of many different kinds of enterprises. That creative spirit extended to many of her leisure activities where she pursued such things as pottery, needlepoint, gardening, and well just about anything that is creative. Her professional background has also made her a perpetual researcher. In this way she developed a deep love of philosophy, religion, history, archaeology and anthropology. What she learns she loves to share so she has been a teacher and occasional speaker. For many years her husband tried to get her to share through writing. Now that she has tested the waters with her first book, which ironically was about the first year of learning to live with his dementia, she is ready to reach further and write the things he always wanted to see.


In December of 1988 I wrote a poem to go with a Christmas present to a couple who had become quite precious to me.  It is the cornerstone of my research and my approach to the world.  I truly believe that there are things beyond our imagination that we, as the human race, have forgotten.  Things buried in our legends and our sacred texts.  And yet, there is more.  As we reach for the stars in our minds, if not yet physically, we discover yet more and more of the wonderful, awe inspiring universe in which we live.

Is it something that we’ve left behind,
Or something that we’ve yet to find,
That keeps each one forever hoping,
To reach that thing for which we’re groping?

My first publication, Who I Am Yesterday is now available.  Marketing links are provided on the page devoted to this work.  Thanks for stopping by.

8 responses to “About

  1. Hello! I’ve just nominated you for “Inspiring Blog Award” and “One Lovely Blog Award” 🙂 As you probably know, now it’s your turn to pass along the fun by stating 7 facts about yourself and nominating 15 bloggers. If you want to give me a shout out, too, that’s awesome and very much appreciated. Here’s where you can find my post nominating you http://inmymothersroom.com/blog-awards/ :))) Jane

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  3. You put it so well with
    “I truly believe that there are things beyond our imagination that we, as the human race, have forgotten. Things buried in our legends and our sacred texts.”
    Well said, I would only add and in our souls.
    Came over from the atoz you guested posted on, which was a great post, thanks:)

  4. well, somehow I ended up here Victoria and arriving thusly i was drawn into the image of a “reading alcove.” I believe I will follow your lovely blogs having now been brought here to share in a different format than TT.

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