Reflections ~ What is a Mind?

The Mind

Did we ever decide, my dear,
What it was that makes a mind?

These last several days, with you
Sometimes intense and sometimes numb.

Moments uplifting, some devastating
And forever to be remembered.

Who were you, my dear,
That I loved you so?

What bit of cosmic consciousness
Merged our paths and bound us so?

Our journey together was both
Long and short, too short.

Heart-wrenching & beautiful
Sometimes stormy, always passionate.

So where, my dear
Have you gone?

Are you off exploring
Your beloved universe?

Arguing with God
As you often did here?

Don’t wander too far,
But if you do

I’ll meet you someday
Deep in the heart of a nearby nebula

Where bright and shining stars
Are born from the dust of yesterdays.

To my beloved shining star, Douglas C. Dorrough

January 13, 1927 ~ March 29, 2015

I will be creating a memorial site for my husband over the next several days.

It will have information regarding appropriate recipients of donations in his honor as well as a history of his life and work.

The link will be added to this site.


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12 responses to “Reflections ~ What is a Mind?

  1. TC and Nessa McKinney

    To lose such a great mind is indeed a sad moment in history. In many respects he was a warrior and the only way I can see to describe him is by the code of Bushido. He is embarking on a new journey, but this journey is now closer and not further apart to you than ever. You must remember that you were his universe, and he shall continue to explore your mind. For every man and woman is a star, and Doug continues to shine brightly. This is (his)story: that one may not ask how he died, but rather … ask how he lived.

  2. TC and Nessa McKinney

    This is Wayne and all I can say is that Doug was a valued member of our family. As he leaves us I know that wherever he is, he is watching over us with loving eyes,and we cannot let his memory fade. He may not be with us but he will always be in our hearts. We will see him again one day and when we do,we will see a smile on his face as he reaches out to us.

  3. Doug was family to us all, through your eyes and your words.
    The life lessons you and he taught us will stay with us always.
    Doug lives on in your heart, and your words.

  4. Reblogged this on Daven Anderson's Blog and commented:
    Love matters, because it transcends the physical world.

  5. *hugs* I am so sorry you are going through this Victoria 😦 ❤ Just remember he is all healed now so you can still talk with him and he will understand you even that much better now 🙂
    Love you- there may be lonely days ahead, if you ever need to chat- just to chat call me day or night! *hugs*

  6. My prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. He will be with the angels and surrounded with pure loving healing, where there is no pain but only love. Thinking of you. X

  7. Dear Sweet Victoria,
    I am heartbroken for you. Deeply sorry to hear of your loss. I just want you to know that I love you and respect you very much. I know your sweet hubby is watching you from a bench in heaven’s garden. He is no suffering and he is surrounded with lots of love and angels. You will be together again one day. If you need to cry, or chat, I’m just a phone call away. May God Bless you sweet Victoria. I love you always….. Talina

  8. Though I never had the pleasure of knowing him. From others that did, I learned that he was a wonderful man and that together you were a wonderful couple. He will be truly missed. I am very sorry for your loss.

  9. The depth of the love is often reflected in the sorrow after the loss. How you must ache, dear friend. I hope the knowledge that so many loved your precious husband, and love you, will be a balm now. How I wish I could have met him.

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