Reflections ~ On a day gone by

I touch you,

But you’re not there

You miss me

But I’m right here

I die a thousand deaths

as one by one

life’s memories

slip away

One by one,

the things we did

are lost

in a graveyard

of the mind.

Courtesy of WANA Commons, Jenny Kaczorowski

Courtesy of WANA Commons, Jenny Kaczorowski

Happy Anniversary to my one true love, my soul mate, my best friend.
July 12, 2014



Filed under Caregiving Backstage, Personal Journeys

3 responses to “Reflections ~ On a day gone by

  1. That’s lovely–economical use of language, and yet skillful music.

  2. CCKoepp

    Wow. Excellent job. That communicates everything so clearly.

  3. Of course knowing you, and what a fine person you are, and the devotion you show to the man you honour through these words castes them in a different light.

    Even if I didn’t know you I would still be made to pause by the reminder of how many lives are gradually devoured by this awful blankness, and the pressure and sense of loss felt by those who care for and love them for who they were, and occasionally are again. The power of your feelings and the economy with which you express them are beautifully balanced and expressed.

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