Reflections ~ Bed of Thorns

Today I bought a bed.
A small bed
For a small place
In a room to call my own.


It’s “my room”
You say, and invite me in.
To show me a place
That I might lay my head


It’s “your room” now
Not ours.
Few pieces of me


A Push-me Pull-you
In the nightly dance
As I try to see,
Am I welcome – or not?


With a heart torn in pieces
I surrender at last
And order a bed
Of my own – just in case.


The pain’s only greater
When you don’t remember
It was I you evicted,
And invited last night.


In the light of the day
We cling to each other
And you now remember
How much we once loved.


And I see our passion,
It’s still burning bright
But imprisoned within
This damned disease.


Filed under Caregiving Backstage, Personal Journeys, Poetry

9 responses to “Reflections ~ Bed of Thorns

  1. Words fail me here.
    But they most certainly didn’t fail you!

  2. Wow… Excellent job of conveying the emotion.

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  4. You manage to convey a sense of growing isolation and tragedy with graphic yet economical use of language. Sadly, that displays a deep familiarity with the subject you explore

  5. This is gorgeous–distilling complex emotion into language that sings like music.

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