Reviews ~ If you had the chance…

PeterLiving Life Backwards by Peter Wells

This is a rare privilege and an honor.  As a little background, and in the interest of full disclosure, here is the story. When I have the chance I tend to follow up on the people who choose to “follow” my Alcove.  Who they are and what we might have in common intrigues me.  There are times when I have no idea why the person found interest in my cyber-room, then there are the times I am delightfully pleased.  Such was the case when Mr. Wells stumbled upon my space some months ago.  One visit to his blog and I was absolutely hooked.  As it happens, I am a business director for a small press based in the southern United States.  In order to make sure I had my senses about me I asked one of our editors to take a look see.  The verdict?  Go get him.  And so I did.

After three years of blogging success, Peter has allowed PDMI Publishing, LLC, the privilege of publishing his first novel.   And what a novel it is.  If you spend time on Peter’s blog, Counting Ducks (and I highly recommend you do) you will find a delightful mix of humor, serious observation on the plights of people and humanity in general, and a craftsman’s skill at the development and illumination of character.

In Living Life Backwards Peter shows a unique aptitude for storytelling.  He creates characters that you know, or will instantly recognize the next time you are out and about.  Perhaps they will cause you to chuckle or even blush because of some quirk or trait a little too close to your own.  This is something that I find is a lost art in much of current literature, creating characters the reader cares about.  When you grow to know these people they have lives outside of the novel.  You are always expecting to see them just around the next corner.

With these well developed tools, Peter weaves a story that every reader can relate to.  Maybe not the same circumstances, but certainly the logic, emotions, and struggles we each face in our lives.  What do you do when you have reached a point in your life when things are somewhat balanced, when you know what is expected of you, when you know deep down that this is at least what you thought you wanted, and suddenly the brass ring is placed within your reach?  When that moment comes, do you decide to remain safe, and maybe even just a touch miserable?  Or do you reach for paradise, perhaps knowing perhaps not, that paradise may not be all it is cracked up to be.

I highly recommend this read.  You will come away having enjoyed a touch of humor, some entertainment, and quite a bit to think upon!



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7 responses to “Reviews ~ If you had the chance…

  1. He’s lucky to have found such a supportive publisher. And congratulations Peter!

  2. Very nice review, Always nice to get support from your publisher

  3. I’ve already bought the book because I have been so delighted by Peter’s writing. You’ve whetted my appetite for the novel even more. I can’t remember whether he found me or I found him but I’m very glad we connected.

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