Starting the conversation on writing.

So, it is time, I think, to start a spot to track the progress of a budding author.  There is not time, I hear, to make sure that your first endeavor reaches the masses (however small or large your own personal mass may be) one must soldier on and get those words out there.  One must let people know you are serious about this writing thing and will provide them with the sort of information (or entertainment) they are seeking for some time to come.   Well, at least that is the hope.

My blog will track my progress as I near the never ending edit cycle for the next work.   In the meantime, I will share information about the sources I find that help me most in the business of getting a book to production.  Today I found the most amazing blog with an articulate and clear post about The Five Mistakes Killing Self-Published Authors.  Amazing lady, this one.  I intend to keep an eye on her!

This blog, Kristen Lamb’s Blog, is not only an inspiration, it is a must have bookmark for anyone hoping to become an author and even those who have been at it for some time.  I have purchased and read one of her best selling books, Are You There, Blog?  It’s Me, Writer.  (also available in Kindle).  Not only does she approach her writing with a personal, right-there-in-the-room type of narrative, she cuts to the chase to let you know what you need to do to create your platform and build a relevant fan base.  All that without spending all of your time sitting at your computer writing blog articles!  This is one amazing source of support, community and solutions to move you to that goal of “getting out there” with the message you so passionately wish to share.


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